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Now our Moodle speaks with Gong and Flash
by Norbert G Berger - Sunday, October 26, 2008, 10:20 AM

I have added voice and some video capabilities to the server which means now you can:
  • attach a voice message to any posting or submission in forums or assignments using the (wysiwyg) editor on the site where you see a speaker icon. For example, voice messages can be left on a discussion board instead of or in addition to a text.
    What's behind it is a little programme created by the University of Hongkong called Gong. You need to allow this applet to load so you can record and playback messages through the microphone of your PC. Submitting your posting also includes the audio attachment. Playback can be slowed down (or speeded up) if you want.
  • record an audio file through your microphone in some assignments which specifically ask you for a sound recording. With Flash installed on your computer practically by default, you can record your voice by confirming the prompt to allow Flash the use of your microphone. The interface is simple and allows you to name files you record. A "Finish" button will send your recording, so your teacher can then listen to (and perhaps grade) it.
  • find a presence block in some courses which allows you to invite other online users to an audio or video conference without the need for Skype or other conferencing software. Just allow Flash access to your webcam and/or microphone. You can have online meetings of up to five live participants! Access is for registered users in courses only!